PHP Time Zone Errors

If you are seeing time or time zone error messages on your website, this can be solved by using a php.ini file.

Simply create a file named php.ini either in notepad or using File Manager in cPanel.

The file should contain the following:

date.timezone = "Europe/London"

Note: The above assumes you want the London time zone, for a list of valid time zones see:

The difficult part is knowing where to place the php.ini file as the changes are only applied in the folder where the php.ini is placed, it does not apply the setting recursively (in sub folders).

A good starting point is the public_html folder, followed by an 'includes' folder (if there is one), and any 'admin' area folder (if there is one).

If the errors still persist then try looking at the page you are seeing the errors on may also give a clue as to where the php.ini needs to be placed.

For example if the errors were showing on then you'd place the php.ini file in the /public_html/client/utils/ folder.

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