Unable to connect with my encoder

"When I start a stream in CentovaCast, it reports that the stream has been started successfully, however I am unable to connect with a live source or encoder software. How do I fix this?"

If you are using the SHOUTcast DSP, you may wish to read our set up guide for Winamp + SHOUTcast DSP to ensure you've configured the SHOUTcast DSP correctly.

Firstly, click the 'Server Administration' link in CentovaCast. You should see a black coloured page load. If you don't, and you have started your stream you will need to submit a ticket.

If you see the black page but your encoder fails to connect this indicates one of the following problems:

- You are connecting to the wrong hostname or port. Please login to CentovaCast and click the "Quick links" page to double-check the source connection details for your stream.

- You are using the administrator password for your stream instead of the source password.  Note that every stream has two passwords; theadministrator password is used to manage the stream, and the source password is use to connect with a live source.  If you configure your live source software to use the administrator password, it will not be able to connect.

- You are connecting to a SHOUTcast server and another streaming source (or AutoDJ) is already active on the server.  You will need to either turn off AutoDJ or disconnect the other streaming source before you will be able to connect with your live source.

- You have not selected a working sound input on your encoder so it is connecting but sending no data or giving a connection error.

- You have a firewall blocking your stream ports. Your firewall may be on your computer itself or it may be a router firewall.

Note that for SHOUTcast servers, the streaming source port number is actually your stream port number PLUS ONE.  
So for example, if you have configured your stream on port 8000, you also need to open port 8001 in your firewall otherwise your live source will not be able to connect.

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