Unable to tune in to stream

"When I start a stream in CentovaCast, it reports that the stream has been started successfully, however I am unable to tune in to the stream.  How do I fix this? "
This indicates one of the following problems:

- You are connecting to the wrong hostname or port. To ensure this isn't the case please try using the tune-in links provided by CentovaCast on the 'Quick Links' page.

- AutoDJ is disabled for the stream or no encoder is connected. To correct this, either set up AutoDJ or connect with an encoder.

- You have a firewall blocking your stream port. Your firewall may be on your computer itself or it may be a router firewall.

If you are trying to connect an encoder and are also having problems establishing a connection:

Note that for SHOUTcast servers, the streaming source port number is actually your stream port number PLUS ONE.  
So for example, if you have configured your stream on port 8000, you also need to open port 8001 in your firewall otherwise your encoder will not be able to connect.

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